All sales are final and there are NO returns. Any money return that is discussed and accepted will be returned as STORE CREDIT.

Any stain, rip, or tear will void the warranty on your new mattress or mattress set. Also removing the white law tag that says "DO NOT TEAR OFF" that was on the mattress at the time of purchase will and can void the warranty if lost or thrown away.

When taking advantage of the payment plan, if not paid off in the 90 days from the date of receiving your product, additional fees will apply from Acima Credit. As explained in person there is a minimum payment due inside of the 90 days. The payment plan is not NOT a 90 day NO payments.

60-90 Day Break in Period: Any new Mattress needs 60-90 days for the mattress to break in and for the foams to contour to your body shape and size. Every mattress is brand new and can feel slightly more stiff/firm. In addition all mattresses have flame retardant on them and can have a slight NEW smell to them but it will go away within a few days. This is on every new mattress sold in the USA by law.

Delivery: All Deliveries are done within a few days of purchase unless discussed and different arrangements are made. ALL deliveries are to be paid in cash to the delivery driver. All deliveries are ONLY store to door. We do NOT set up or take mattresses out of plastic. This is for your protection and ours. Any special requests are at the store owner's discretion.

Mattress Removal: We at Mattress Clearance Center take pride in assuring that we only handle BRAND NEW mattresses. With that we do not in any circumstance take or haul away old mattresses. This is for your safety and ours.  

Warranty Processes: All mattresses sold from Mattress Clearance Center are brand new with factory warranty. In the event of a customer having a warranty claim, the following processes will be followed. 1. Customer contacts the owner or manager of the store. 2. Three pictures MUST be sent via text or email to the store. First picture is of the entire top of the mattress. Second picture is of the white law tag that says “Do NOT Tear Off” and third picture must be of the problem with the mattress. If there is a dip/sag in the mattress lay a flat object across the mattress such as a broom handle and use a tape measure to show the impression and send a picture of the impression.