About Me:

In May of 2015, my wife, Sarah, and I were one month away from getting married and I received the devastating news at my job at the time that I was being laid off. It was by far the scariest news I had ever received. With a soon-to-be wife and step-son, major fear gripped me and I had no idea how I was going to provide for my family. And to add to the pressure, my wife was laid off from her job the very same day. So, I began the job search and within a week or two I landed a job selling cell phones.
After getting married and a month into selling, I was ranked 5th for selling in the entire company and didn't bonus. Very frustrated and knowing deep down God had made me for so much more than just punching in and out at work, I received a life changing phone call.
A good friend of mine who is a national mattress distributor called me up and asked me if I would be willing to help him clear out overstock mattresses. After visiting him and talking it over with my wife and much needed prayer we decided to jump in and give it a shot.
Very quickly I became known in the Central IL area as "The Mattress Guy." For over 3 years now, I have been personally committed to not just being a mattress store, but providing a family-like atmosphere when someone makes an appointment and comes through my warehouse door. I look forward to helping you experience the best customer service in the area at a price everyone can afford.